The Building Process

At Trace Homes we feel it is important that our clients are aware of each step it will take to arrive at the completion of their new space. There are many steps to the building process and we understand the importance of keeping our clients informed at every turn. Whether we are building a house or working on a commercial remodeling project, we follow a thorough, fine-tuned process. Although the process on different construction projects varies, the goal is always the same: provide a comfortable experience for our clients.

Our experience allows us to provide beautiful homes and commercial properties for our clients. Home remodeling costs and commercial construction costs are affected by how efficient we work. We pride ourselves on being experts at the process and finish projects on time and on budget. Following are just a few of the many steps that are taken with great consideration in the building process:

  • Lot Selection
  • Plan Development
  • Formulation of the Estimate
  • General Finish Out Selections
  • Construction Contract
  • Permitting
  • Construction
  • Inspections
  • Cleanup and Make-ready